Our School Dog

When you visit Foley, you may also meet our four-legged friend! Pip - a Border Collie - spends his days in school in the school office. He loves to see the children and they love to see him too! Pip is a great addition to our school community, offering comfort, support and boosting our well-being. He is extremely well behaved and very well trained, making his presence in school safe and calming for the children. 

To interact with Pip, parents must give permission. Pip is managed carefully in our school to support children who are nervous around dogs, or perhaps allergic. The children are taught about how to carefully interact with Pip safely. We teach children to carefully interact with Pip through the approach, ask, pet, goodbye strategy. 

Approach - come towards Pip or where he is calmly. 
Ask - check with the adult he is with to make sure it's ok. 
Pet - stroke him gently, around his shoulders.
Goodbye - say goodbye and walk away calmly. 
We also have a few ground rules to help Pip and the children stay calm, safe and happy. 
Always remain calm.
Be gentle. 
Do not put your hands near the dog's face. 
Do not disturb a dog that is eating or sleeping. 
Always approach the dog standing up. 
Do not feed the dog. 

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